The obligatory first post

Hi All!

I guess it was time that I started a blog, it seems like I’m jumping on the bandwagon late, but I see a lot of other Ravelers having blogs and I quite like the idea. I plan to wax on end about yarn, crochet, and general geekiness to the big wide internet world. (I mean, there’s only so much my family and friends can take!)

A glimpse of topics that I’ll cover in this blog…

I’ll break up my posts from crochet to bring you some stories that my family have deemed funny enough to tell other people, as well as my other interests/dabbles in art and my geeky hobbies (mainly doctor who, gaming and minecraft).

A personal overview of this “Kate” person…

I am 25.998763 years old, (my birthday is this Saturday and I’m weaning out the last few days I can), and I enjoy a lot of things in life. Most of them are shiny. Or soft. Better yet, soft and shiny. Like some yarn. *daydreams of walking down yarn aisle*

Right, back on topic… I live, work and play in Columbus, Ohio; I am proud to be called a Buckeye. I graduated 2 years ago with a Business degree from Ohio State University and am currently a Fiscal Associate at the University. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Josh, who encourages me to reach for the stars.

A brief bio into the foray of yarn…

I have been crocheting for the past 11 years, the majority of it without touching or comprehending patterns. I had the unfortunate stubbornness that plagues me when I think I’ve made my mind up about something. I had tried to read a pattern on the back of a yarn skein label and decided it wasn’t for me and that I can do much better by myself. I knew the basic stitches and how to work in the round, so I was fine and went on my way. I ended up making some pretty neat things, but I had no idea how patterns worked. I picked up the hook once or twice a year, for presents, but not for much else.

jskJack Skellington, 2009

In January 2015, my co-worker showed me a stitch pattern that intrigued me and then decided to re-activate my Ravelry account (grafficdesigns) and find out more about these “patterns.” Man, am I so glad I did.

Cut to three weeks later, I was reading patterns from others like a pro and even was writing my own creation designs down. I was legit–hooked. From then on it’s been a whirlwind 7 months into the crochet designing biz; I’m still very much an amateur and figuring out how my words work for designs and how to relay information. It’s a very fun and rewarding hobby, I crochet to relax in the evening after work almost every night.

What I’m working on…

I’m currently in the process of finishing up the Ravelry 2015Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long. I also have a handful of minor projects… my active crochet series I’m hoping to start (I’ll post later about what that entails) as well as a large doily to cover an umbrella frame and blankets for Christmas 2015.

BAM CAL 2015 BAM CAL as of June 2015

I hope you join me in this wonderful journey, I hope it educates (crochet), entertains (mostly bumblings) and weirds you out (my geeky travesty that is my life).

Feel free to follow me on RavelryFacebook, or Instagram! I regularly update on all three.


Kate Graff — GrafficDesigns


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  1. sanseilife says:

    Seems like you have been crocheting for .42307692307 of your life. Good luck with your blog, it should be fun!


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