Left in Stitches

So I’m currently at Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, IL! It’s amazing! I’ve never been to a crafting convention ( only the nerdy gaming ones) and I think I’m HOOKED!

I’ve also never really been to a knit n bitch type of group either and I guess I’ve always done my crafts in solitude. And while I will definitely will keep some time just for myself, I have made it a mission to find a group in Columbus.

I’ve taken half of my classes and I’ve learned so much already. I also have learned how to knit!


I’ve got two more classes and two more days to try and pry my eyes away from all the amazing yarn in the market. I kid you not when I say that I have had an ear splitting grin on the entire time! There was a vendor who even stopped me to say that I looked like I was in heaven. And I am!

What tickled me the most is during one of the guest speaker events yesterday, every time he would say a yarn brand or composition, everyone in the room sighed in reverie. Lol! I guess it’s a code I haven’t just cracked yet.

My haul

Next year when I come, I will be coming with some friends that I make from my knit group 😉


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