Inaugural TILTED Tuesday!

Hi everyone, I’d like to start a new segment of my blog called “Things-I’d-Like-To-Eventually-Do” (TILTED) Tuesdays! In it you’ll see my idealized projects I’d really, really love to work on but just don’t have the time to do right now—knit and crochet. I might also branch off into other genres of crafting and my every-day life—but for the most part I’ll be catering to my fiber groupies.

To jet off on this new blog theme, I’ll start with some long term projects I have on my Ravelry queue that I’ve been ogling for a while.

The “My Favorite Things” Infinity Scarf by Jill McGee


  • Ohhh! This idea is so amazing and unique! Basically you knit designs you love and then put it in a scarf form! So every scarf is different and personal to you. I would definitely make a complete geek-tastic scarf! I want Doctor Who heroes and villains, Final Fantasy logos, Mario, Pokemon, Firefly, the great A’Tuin (Discworld), Sherlock, and all sorts of other accompaniment in this fantastic project.

Alpine Cardi Wrap by Daniela Nii


  • I love the front and back post look of this cardigan, it looks so amazing and even better it’s available in plus sizes. I’m super picky about clothing and this looks great. It’s just a huge project to even think about starting.

Zippy Strip Revisited by Frankie Brown


  • This is such a neat idea to me! I love it so much I’ll have to try it eventually. However the zipper frightens the crap out of me. Even though I’m not too bad at sewing, this project is kinda daunting to me. I’d like to create a strip of crochet that makes an image when it’s zipped up—so that might be a cool thing. I’m also in love with Frankie Brown as a whole–all the patterns are provided free and if you would like compensate the designer, she asks that you donate to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

Summer Mosaic Afghan by Julie Yeager

  • mosaicJulie Yeager is like a household name to many afghan crocheters, and I’m starting to see why. I really don’t need another WIP afghan on my list, but with this beauty I just can’t say no.

Okay! That’s enough oogling for today. Join me next week when I divulge project ideas I have bumping around in my head,




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