TILTED Tuesday – Oct 13th edition

Welcome back to the “Things-I’d-Like-To-Eventually-Do” Tuesday! 

This week we’ll focus on shawls I’d like to learn how to knit! I learned how to knit in August at the free Stitches Midwest class in the bazaar, and it’s been a whirlwind learning experience for two months, but I definitely am a 100% NOOB. I’m really excited to say that I’ve also found a knit-group that meets up every Friday and it’s fantastic. I had never really crafted in front of people and I’m loving the interaction and finding new projects to work on that a group provides.

So to start off… something that I’m going to “eventually do” , pretty soon!


Traveling Woman  by Liz Abinate (feministy)

I’m taking a 6 hour class (3 days) to learn how to knit lace shawls, and the class is starting tonight! So I’m not sure if this is technically a “TILTED,” but I’m too dang excited to care, haha. We’re learning how to knit the shawls with the Traveling Woman pattern, it’s a really in-depth pattern from what I can tell. I’ll definitely be posting project WIP updates on my instagram account–I’ll be using the beautiful Malabrigo Mechita Mandragora yarn.

renaissance Cresent

Renaissance Crescent by Kieran Foley (knitlab)

I love the color play and intricate designs of this shawl! I’ve tried my hand really briefly at fair isle work (it was ugly as sin), but this I think is so much different and gorgeous. Kieran really does some amazing work, and I am in love with all of her vibrant, colorful designs.


Wavedeck by Kate Atherley (kateatherly)

This looks so darn COZY! I’d love to hang out on the dock with this to warm me. The waves on this shawl looks so elegant, and the draping is wonderful. And it’s a free pattern! What?!


Aideen Shawl by Dee O’Keefe (stevieland)

Dee has some great lace knit shawls on her designer page, but this one evokes an exciting, wild leopard or peacock feel to it. The design looks simply superb and airy–an ideal shawl for the slowly chilling beginning days of autumn.

Oh Man…. looking at these shawls, I might not even have time for crochet!

I hope you have a wonderful day,




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