TILTED Tuesdays! October 20th Installment

Welcome back to the “Things-I’d-Like-To-Eventually-Do!” Tuesday blog post!

This week we’ll focus on the always stunning crochet and knit skirts/dresses. I would absolutely love to make these things for myself, but I just know deep down I probably shouldn’t wear them. I definitely could alter the designs to make them a-frame that is actually pretty flattering on me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I would love to be able to pull these off straight from the patterns.

I’m featuring these projects because they are just down-right, drop dead gorgeous that I’m drooling over, and I think you should too.

Okay, let’s start with my first love I found on Ravelry in this category:chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum Gown by Chi Krneta (Rav: ChiKrneta)

Not only does Chi have this GORGEOUS gown, but there’s attachments in other patterns for it! A train and a shawl can accompany this simply stunning dress. I have adored this dress combo for quite a while, the elegance of the crochet’d pineapple stitch and the drape of the train is amazing. Love love love it, just probably couldn’t quite pull it off.


The Carnaby skirt by Nikol Lohr (Rav: cupcake)

This would be an easy alter– I think, lol– perhaps just make it longer and keep making the stockinette stitches bigger to make it show that A style. And that’s possibly one of the reasons I would really like to eventually make this project! Not only are the buttons down the side darling (I adore buttons!!), the texture differences are very nice, but I could actually see myself wearing it with very little altering.


The Granny Square Skirt by Vladimir Teriokhin

Ohhh! Like I need an excuse to make more granny squares! I love the colors in this, which pop radiantly with an amazing autumn color. I have really short legs, so this probably wouldn’t work out too much for me, but the style is really right on. Most of the granny-square clothing I’ve seen has the squares un-rotated and makes a really blocky image, but this! This is really quite stunning. I could probably wear this if only completing the top 2 segments and make it in a draping yarn.


The Aslant Skirt by Annastasia Cruz (Rav: annastasia76)

I’m a sucker for asymmetrical stuff, and this skirt is right on the money.It features the button embellishments that I love (have I mentioned I love buttons? I’m pretty sure I have somewhere, haha) If I gave this skirt a little flare however, I think it would mess up the entire package it has going for it, which makes me sad. I love the design and the colors, but probably wouldn’t flatter me much.

Thanks for joining me on this bittersweet travel through the TILTED installment this week.




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