TILTED Tuesday! Flowers by HappyPattyCrochet

Welcome back to this week’s “Things-I’d-Like-To-Eventually-Do” post! Today, I’d like to focus on these B-E-A-U-tiful flower designs I’ve been looking at for quite a while and would love to have enough time to actually make them.

To save some time and risk repeating myself over and over, all of these designs are by one person: Happy Patty Crochet. She is an amazing designer and I have envied all of her designs for quite a while. I adore all of her works and they look absolutely gorgeous. I would love to make a whole bunch of different flowers and make bouquets arrangements, they look so realistic! This is really rare that I solely focus on one designer, but I am hard-pressed to find such amazing detail and realistic designs anywhere on Ravelry.

roses1The Spray Rose

roses2Cup Shape Rose (Closed)

rose3and Saucer Shape Rose (Open)

lilacThe Lilac Flower

lilyThe Lily Flower

magnoliaand the Magnolia Grandiflora

poinsettiaThe Poinsettia – Christmas Star

gerberaGerbera Daisydaffodil and The Daffodil/Narcissus 

Honestly her work speaks for itself. Bravo,

Until next week,




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