TILTED Tuesday! November 3rd update…. (yes, it’s NOVEMBER already)

Welcome back to the “Things-I’d-Like-To-Eventually-Do” Tuesday! Stepping away from patterns on crochet and knitting stuff for once, I’d like to cover the one thing that I would LOVE to eventually do: Organize my craft room!

Oh Boy! I have so many pages in IKEA earmarked for this huge project, it’s really kind of sad haha. So let’s get started on some of the highlights of what I really want to have in my ideal craft room:

Some sort of storage for my yarn. ALL of my yarn. 

I have a lot of yarn, like any respectable yarn-o-holic would. I don’t categorize this as a problem until I try to get everything in one space. repeatecrafterme.com has a wonderful blog highlighting a way to organize your yarn–utilizing wine racks!


I would definitely use the wine that came on them as well! Can’t beat a nice crisp Riesling in the evening as I stitch. I’d hang these on the wall at head height– two on one wall with about 3 feet in-between them. Painted a nice white and in a nice finish so the yarn shows off well and doesn’t snag. Under them I would have the same width/depth drawer system, I think the Malm dresser series from ikea would work well–nice and simple.  In those I would house either my terminal WIP’s or some of my many other crafting supplies (drawing pads, pencils, clay, paint, canvases, etc).

A sturdy work table.

I, alas, do not own a large table that is suitable for any sort of project. I have a large 4×4 foot square coffee table that is at shin height (not suitable!) and a small 2×2 foot wobbly table from my childhood. I don’t have a dining table (cue the gasp from my mother). I eat Japanese style at my coffee table, and since I just started out on my own–I really don’t need to entertain people. I really should invest in a nice table, but I’m too cheap to get one. I’d love to get a large dining room table (rectangular of course), and put a padded blocking board on top. I could easily work on projects and block without crawling around on the ground as I normally do (cardboard boxes in the spare room work just as well, I assume).

A comfy chair. (The Comfy Chair?!?!) 

Ahhh! The comfy chair! This is the dream. I want to sit in my craft room in a snug chair that I can crochet/knit/read in and relax. I currently do all my projects on my couch (which is actually an upscale futon… but it’s still a futon) and there’s no side support. I’d love to bask in my well organized craft room. Something classic and would be a statement piece but still comfy.

Some Entertainment.

Remember me saying I’d like the wine racks separated by a few feet? I’d hang a lovely, huge, flat screen tv that I can stream crafting tutorials, youtube gamer videos, netflix, hulu and Twitch. This is how I pass my time currently and I always have something streaming while I craft to fill the air (I don’t subscribe to cable/satellite).

So that’s a little bit about my dream crafting room, I could go on for hours about it so I think I’ll stop at the basics. What are some of the components of your dream crafting room? Are you lucky enough to have one of these setups? I’d love more ideas if you have them to share.

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