Special Edition Friday – Steampunk

So Next week I will be on Vacation! Woot! I’ll be heading to Beau Rivage in Mississippi with my darling boyfriend’s mother (long story short, boyfriend didn’t want to go on vacation with me because he travels a lot for work so I’m taking his mom!) If you’re not aware of what BR is, it’s a resort casino. Now I’ve never “went gambling” or did anything much past scratch-off tickets, so this should be an experience, haha.

I wanted to send out a post today because: 1. I missed this Tuesday’s TILTED post ; and 2. I’ll be having too much fun to post one next week! So I guess this will be a special edition post for both this and next week’s (yeah, let’s go with that, special edition sounds good).

So the TILTED category we’ll be focusing on today will be….. steampunk! This category is brought to you by my future pending crafting deadline in April 2016. Last April my parents decided to completely knock me on my buttocks when they decided that they’ll be attending the annual Steampunk convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. I know you don’t know my parents, but, honestly—this surprised the heck out of me. Obviously they want to have attire that’s steam-punky but tasteful and appropriate for them.

I have sewing skills that I could easily make them outfits, but unfortunately my sewing machine is out of commission (it’s making a loud clunking clacky, gear grindy noise) so we’re going with crochet!

Here’s some stuff and projects I’ve collected so far this year that I really need to get my butt in gear by April to outfit them up.

So first, what I’ve gathered for these projects so far (click the images if you want them yourselves!):

Cool brass and silver gear accessories I found at Michael’s for putting on pretty much everything! I’ll use these in places instead of beads.
I also have these cool clock charms that I can put on chains to make a cute charm bracelet or just use them for embellishments too.

I found some nice coppery chains to add to waist belts
I found some nice coppery chains to add to waist belts and other items. It’ll be a nice touch I think.

I’ve also got some bee charms that will look nice as a featured item, but I can’t seem to find it online or anywhere. It’s made by Bead Landings, Found Objects collection (the same as the gears and the clock faces.

Here’s the yarn I’ve collected so far:

Patons' Metallic yarn looked so scrumptious and metal-ly in the store I had to have it. I have several skeins of black, copper, gold, ruby and silver. Unfortunately the reviews are kind of bad for it and my limited trials of using them are getting the same kind of feeling. I might double up the yarn...
Patons’ Metallic yarn looked so scrumptious and metal-ly in the store I had to have it. I have several skeins of black, copper, gold, ruby and silver. Unfortunately the Ravelry reviews are kind of bad for it and my limited trials of using it is getting the same kind of feeling. Hmm…

Okay, okay, enough of what I’ve got… Here’s the patterns I’m looking at for inspiration:


Belle Ruffle Gloves by Veronica O’Neil 

I think these will be wonderful additions to my mother’s outfit, the classic ruffle and button combination will be nice and cozy for the April weather. I’m planning on a copper-ruby tonal for all of her accessories, and I think these will look nice with a ruby ruffle and copper everything else.


Cloudstrider Spats (Buckle Version) by Brenda B.K. Anderson

Oh yes, We must have spats. These are super cute! I’d consider wearing them myself. As someone who dreams of wearing tall boots, but can’t because of unproportional calves (thanks genetics). These are darling and can definitely tie a garment together.


Hardware Heaven – Steampunk corset by Sarah Jane 

and Eliot by Maureen Basher

Sarah Jane also has a couple of other really intriguing designs that are focused on Steampunk, but I really like the design on this corset. I’ll probably have to modify into a vest similar to the Eliot, though I really like both.


Doctor Horrible (or any character) Goggles by Nicole Verville

Tee-hee. Can I be completely honest in saying that I just want to make these for myself? Okay. Good. As long as we’re on the same page. (gotta love some NPH!)

So That’ll be it for a while. I still need to do a lot of research and pattern searching for items for my father, but crochet and knit patterns are typically made for women. The accessories I can do, but I’ll need a nice vest for him.

Until next time,




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  1. I used that Patons Metallic for a bag last year. One word of caution if you haven’t used it before…The metallic part is around a different colored core. When I was crochetting tightly, or happened to snag it, the under color showed through. (I was using silver and the core was black). It gave the final piece a less-than-polished look, but that might be OK for a steampunk look.


    1. Thanks for the heads up! I swatched a bit of copper just now and noticed how snaggy it was, probably not the best yarn for gloves. Hmmm….

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  2. calennaj says:

    These are the same patterns I’ve been drooling over. 🙂 Someday….

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