Marathon Crafting complete!

With a week to spare, I have completed all the gifts I planned on making this holiday season. I am so elated to finally start on something for me (despite how grinchy that sounds!). Here’s a few of the gifts I finished up.




Beholder Helm

My brother sent me a post from another crafty lady’s blog on her Beholder inspired hat back in 2010 and wanted to see if I could make one for him. As there wasn’t a set pattern made with this, and I didn’t know how to needle felt, I went along with what looked/felt good. I crocheted around jewelry wire for the eye stalks and inserted a central thicker wire in the middles of the thin stalks so they’re posable. I really liked the center eye


Jayne Cobb Hat

This was my last creation, and the quickest. I was so happy with the outcome, it went fast. I did have to start 2-3 times with it because I still haven’t gotten the skills of going bottom up and making it fit a normal sized head! This one has a lot of positive ease. Made for my sister-in-law, she’s a true brown-coat and I’m sure she’ll love this shiny hat.


Captain America Blankey

Made for my 4 year old nephew who loves superheroes, this blankey is around 3.5 feet in diameter and features a puffy star in the middle to imitate a pillow. Also made out of 100% washable material for the little dirt-boy, haha. I’m thinking about making a cap that goes with it.


I also made a knight helmet, two scarves, and a hat but I’m settled down for the evening, so I’ll have to take those photos later. I’m currently battling a TMD (aka jaw muscle pain due to teeth clenching/grinding) flare-up, which has me pretty much laid down with my face on a heating pad.

Until next time,




One Comment Add yours

  1. Vicki says:

    Great work! I’m hoping to make a captain America cushion for my daughter soon. No time before Christmas though 😏


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