Christmas Gift reveal and personal update

Hi Everyone! All the gifts have been given and I got a lot of smiles when they opened the presents, so I consider that a big win! Check out my last two posts for some of the other reveals, this one is sharing all of the other ones (except one, I didn’t get a good photo of it). I ended up making 11 items for the holidays this year and I am wiped out, as most of them were made in the October-December timeframe.

viking hi def
Dad’s Viking Hat

Unfortunately, this may have taken a huge toll on my body and at this point I’m not really sure what’s going on, but all my doctors say it’s TMJ. I have major pain on the right side of my jaw and a deep pressure pain inside my ear that doesn’t go away unless I lay on a heat source for a couple of hours. And now my stomach is tearing up from all the ibuprofen. Ugh.

Emily’s Poof Hat

So I have decided that I will see if it is the crafting that is causing my pain, because so far, my doctors aren’t doing shit (excuse my french). They’re saying “Oh, well,there’s nothing you can do except work through the pain for a couple more months.”  Literally, all three doctors have told me this. And what they told me I could do to help minimize the pain is exactly what I googled before I went to see them.  I personally think it’s something to do with my trapezius muscle at the back of my neck. All that crafting probably didn’t do me good. Whatever is happening is painful and immobilizing, and has been going on since my vacation to Beluxi in November.

Dave’s Beholder Helm

So what I guess I’m saying is that I’m putting crocheting and knitting on hold for a couple of weeks to see if that is causing any issues. I halfway hope it’s causing it so that my pain goes away, but the other half is crying because I have all the projects I want to start to make beautiful things…. perhaps I could just invest in a high backed, nice armchair to support my arms and elbows.

Amy’s Wrapster scarf

But I don’t have all bad news! 

I was accepted into the Working Professionals MBA program at Fisher College at Ohio State University! Woot! I’ll be working full time, taking classes part-time, and sleeping the rest for 2.5-3 years to get my masters in business. I am really excited and I start in two weeks! This is a really great opportunity for me to pursue a masters in my own time. So I guess I won’t have as much time with crafting as usual anyways.

Sam’s “She Shall Wear Midnight” infinity scarf

I also took a mini stay-cation with my niece Emily and took her around the metropolitan area. She’s from a rural village out in the boonies where I grew up, and I wanted to show her some cool things the city can offer. I’ll post that next time as this one is getting long.

I hope to see you in the new year, 


Kate “GrafficDesigns”


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  1. omg, I luuuuv dad’s Viking hat. Great colors too. Thanks for sharing.


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