Tales of the Clencher

Good news everyone! The hiatus of crafting didn’t do anything to relieve my jaw pain I talked about last post. So good news is that I’m back at it and crocheting and knitting! I finished up a pair of …. interestingly colored mittens for myself. I received some very warm and cozy yarn skeins of Bamboospun by Yarn Bee (a Hobby Lobby brand, I believe). I can’t believe it’s made out of bamboo! It’s so soft–feels quite like the suede yarn I found in a yard sale many years ago. Anyways, they’re interesting colors: Rose Camo and Olive.


Further good news is that I’ve finally found the cause of the acute pain and sensitivity: Clenching! Due to some badly aligned fillings, and apparently some pre-disposed clenching issues, I worked my poor back teeth into a state of inflammation and TMJ like disorder. I had no idea that clenching teeth could be that bad– well it’s a tooth-killer they say. I went to a dentist that actually knew what he was doing (instead of telling me “Well, take pain meds and heat/ice it and it’ll be better in two-three months“) He corrected the bite alignment and I left the office 5 minutes later already with relief. I celebrated by going down the street to the awesome yarn shop.

A couple of days later I was contemplating what the nice dentist had said that I was a clencher and thought it was odd that I actually found pain relief when I clenched down. So I did what most millennials do: Googled it! And there it was. A 1990’s esque webpage outlining almost everything that I’ve been dealing with for the past 3 months. It’s a section from a dentistry’s school course notes, but I find the first anecdote to be most similar to mine (sans all the scans).

I guess that makes me happy to know that I’ve finally found the root of the issue. Now to make sure I don’t clench my teeth so that I can go back to my normal life. I’ve had some really good past 3 days– only once a day did I need to put ice/heat on my face and only for minimal amounts of time. I also had my first piece of bread/sandwich in 2 months yesterday and it tasted like manna from heaven (too bad it was a subway sub).

So happy to be on the mend. Now I have to focus on a baby blanket and hat for the end of February for a baby shower.

Cheers and no clenching!




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