Uhhh… Hi

Oh, Hi there…

I’m alive.


Still kicking.

The MBA program might have sucked more time out of my schedule than I anticipated (sleep? who needs sleep? *glugs 5 hour energy*). It’s also taken out of my yarn time, which makes me a little cranky. Legitimately cranky! I snapped at someone at work and then later at my boyfriend and I realized “I haven’t had yarn time in weeks.” I spent the next hour knitting and I felt so much better–that became my Baaa-ble Hat (sans bobble). …. Yeah, haven’t gotten around to uploading a finished picture of that yet either.

Half-assed Baaa-Ble


It’s kind of odd how yarning around can calm me down. I think it’s a touch-based thing for me. Repetitive motions in nice woolen soft yarn does something to calm my id. I’ve also crochet’d up a baby blanket for a friend. This was crocheted in a nice floofy baby yarn.

Fluffy Ripple Blanket

And I’m partly done with an awesome color change mini-skein adventure with Marching Through the Looking Glass (free pattern, too). It’s been a bit of a “rip back” experience–all my issues in not reading the pattern well enough (or deciding to skip entire sections because I think I have it “memorized”).

Where the error begins….

And so, I’ve been mostly reading textbooks, studying for exams and slamming my head on my desk because of group-work. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of the winter funk sometime soon and get back to updating the old blog more often.


Until then (when I get my butt in gear)





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