Two-Month Update – Busy Bee

Hi Everyone!

I have been quite busy in the last few months since my last post in June. I have successfully opened up my Etsy shop, GrafficDesignStudio, and I have had the most wonderful time doing it. I am focusing on Drawstring Bags for dice based roleplaying games and I am excited for what the future holds.

So to keep you up to date with what crafting I have been doing…

Mimic Dice Box

This is one of my favorites so far: The Mimic Dice Box! It was actually my first sale, and after I made another one, it sold too! I have a feeling I will be doing these for a while, which is good because I really enjoy making them!

Dwarf Head Bag!

This was so much fun to make! I loved working with the beard! If you can’t tell, it’s actually a bag that can hold up to 6 sets of dice! Can’t wait to do a proper photoshoot when the weather gets nice and I have some free-time (HAH! when is that?!)

Dracona Ovum in Red

I also managed to make a new pattern for bags: it’s called Dracona Ovum. As you can see, it looks like a dragon egg! So nifty. I’ve got this up on both my Ravelry page as well as Etsy.

So as you can see, I’ve been quite busy! Outside of the Etsy world, I have started in on my Autumn MBA courses, and after some deliberation and talking with my advisor I am taking only two courses this fall/winter. This is a lower amount than what is recommended, but I think I have been a little stressed out lately. With my dad’s health, some major changes at work (new boss!) and some extra stress from the etsy store, I think perhaps I will take it a little slower.

I hope your past two months have been fruitful and productive!




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