Still Alive


Good News Everyone! I’m still Alive! It’s been a busy 7 months since my last update and so much has happened! Let’s see…. where did I fall off the earth?

  1. August 2016- I got my first Etsy purchase! This marks the first time I’ve had someone I don’t know buy something I’ve made. I’ve got my very first shipping receipt for this order framed. With electronic transfers to banks, it’s hard to frame that. This is a good alternative.Wet_Painters_085.jpg
  2. October 2016 – I got a new day-job! It’s a new position in the same company I worked with previously and it’s a bump up in position. I’m really happy with it and loving my new digs. I’m happy to report my new co-workers are just as awesome as my last.
  3. November 2016 – So much happened this month: I got my first international purchase from a fine fellow from Switzerland! It’s been my busiest month so far on Etsy, at a respectable 13 purchases, and Josh starts making dice boxes to sell alongside my bags. I also sign up for my first convention as an exhibitor in March–something that’s been on my bucket-list for a while! Capture
  4. December 2016 – This is by far my favorite thing that happened to me since we last met: Josh and I got engaged! I was completely surprised, and I am so happy and excited! He picked the ring out and everything and I am very pleased with his taste in rings. We’re currently trying to get him moved up here before the wedding. Capture.PNG
  5. January 2017 – I decide to take a break on my MBA courses as trying to get used to a new job, manage an Etsy store and have some family emergencies in-between really have done a number on my stress levels. I think this is the best decision I’ve made in a while.
  6. February 2017 – I buckle down and start making bags like crazy in order to make enough inventory for the Convention. Not much else happens.
  7. March 2017 – CincyCon! This was a fantastic event, so cool to see the other side of the table and Josh and I got really great feedback on our stuff. I sold about half of my bags and Josh sold several of his boxes and got some great new ideas for new boxes. All in all, I think a successful event. Capture

Okay, I think that pretty much sums up all the major events this past 7 months since my last post and I think I’ll leave you here for now. Hopefully I’ll be just as busy the next 7 months and I won’t have enough time to post, but we’ll see!




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