12249948_1550240548599587_1258402773236889044_nHello! I’m Kate, and I have been crocheting for the past 12 years! I even design my own patterns and sell items on Etsy and Ravelry! I also recently learned how to knit in August 2015.

I am a crafting nerd at heart, I paint, sculpt, write, draw and dabble in all sorts of other art-outlets. You can find me in any aisle of Michaels. I upload frequently to my instagram account of my exploits in art, I have most of my WIP stuff there, as well as my random encounters with the outside world.

I also enjoy some of the more finer things in life such as board games, wine, graphic novels, Microsoft Excel (neeeeeeeerd), videogames, rpgs, D&D, wine, Doctor Who, Terry Pratchett Discworld Novels, wine, RomComs and did I mention wine?

Connect with me on social media sites that I’m actively posting in:






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